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Unique Software Development is a Digital Product Design Agency that can help you realize your concepts and ideas.

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we are also a
Collaborative Digital
Invention Agency

we are known for providing a state of the art product design and development process. we deliver digital products that help our clients reach their target audience in a meaningful way.

what we do:

agile development process

our developers are chocked full o' awesomesauce and we're ready to take on new challenges and develop intuitive and ground-breaking solutions

digital product design

our product research and design process lets us discover new possibilities for your concepts, while never straying from the original requirements

extensive documentation

we create documentation for both our inner team as well as our clients teams. Never losing site of the project's progress or direction to goal

scope definition

we help to refine your idea and provide you with important insights. enabling you to present a killer conceptual demo to VCs and other interested parties

USD is looking for an Agile Project Manager!

The Agile Project Manager is a hybrid role that strikes the right balance between Agile development leadership and program management to drive the entire end-to-end software development and delivery processes.

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USD is looking for a Marketing and Communications Director!

This Marketing and Communications Director leads the company's end-to-end, integrated marketing and communication strategies and tactics to retain and grow internal and client business. The Director manages a team of marketing, communications, and web professionals to ensure effective end-to-end management of brands, marketing campaigns, communication and channels.

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USD is looking for a Market Research Analyst!

The MRA will perform analysis of markets, competitors, products and customers that deliver insights to increase competitive advantages. The MRA will help internal clients to strategically make sound decisions based on solid analysis of data and provide insight regarding interpretation of data and trends (explain the 'what' and 'why' of data results). They will work as part of a team of BI Professionals to support Corporate Development (M&A), Strategic Analysis (New Business Areas & Technology Assessments) as well as other Business Functions as needed (Marketing, Sales and Operations).

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