Marketplaces that
create loyal customers

Sites That Match Users To The Right Products And Services

The 1990’s were great! Pop rocks, slap-band bracelets and users who were happy to spend their time aimlessly searching away on sites to find the products that they wanted.

Fast forward to today, and users not only expect to instantaneously find the products that they’re looking for, but also want to see the products they want before they even know that they want them.

With integrations to popular social networks like Facebook and custom artificial intelligence engines like Mahout, USD builds systems that automatically suggest and find the perfect products for users.

Gamification That Increase Revenue And Consumer Experience

With an entire world wide web of competition, gamification is the key to getting consumers coming back to a site time and time again; and at USD we use gamification as engine to support customer retention by getting consumers addicted to your brand and product.

Whether it’s a loyalty point system, progress bars, badges or even a virtual currency, USD creates enduring experiences that users won’t find anywhere else on the net.

Scaleable Platforms That Fit Your Size And Management Level

Whether you’re a small independent merchant who is more familiar with WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce or a chain retailer who needs a robust Magento Enterprise solution – USD delivers platforms that are capable of exceeding expectations.

With dozens of custom coded extensions, plugins and even entire multi-vendor marketplaces under our belt – USD accelerates digital growth with a combination of tech and design.