Blending products
into everyday life

Making Creative Tech That Users Never Take Off

Based on our experiences working with some of the most exciting wearable tech companies in the world, we know how to tie together hardware, embedded low-level software, cloud architecture, analytics, data visualization, and mobile applications to deliver a winning package that will capture the minds of investors and consumers.

By leveraging mobile devices, smart watches and community access points – we build solutions that provide functional solutions with scaleable online solutions to improve the everyday life of users.

Sensor Integrations And App Syncs To Keep Users Informed

Coding and designing is so much cooler when you can program things that light up, move or even talk. At USD we take pride in our ingenuity to improve wearable solutions, especially when it involves playing in our closet full of sensors and machining equipment.

From humidity, water concentration and nitrogen sensors for agriculture to perspiration, temperature and cardiac sensors for people – we take your wearable to the next level by capturing valuable input that leads to data driven sequence events.

Medical Devices That Keep Humans At The Center

With skyrocketing care costs the need for consumer engagement in healthcare has never been higher. And yet, less than half of Americans have used a digital health wearables. At USD, we combine personalized healthcare through predictive analytics to help accelerate that conversion.

With wearables in healthcare, big data is only valuable when paired with a strong body of clinical evidence. We use digital biomarkers that present an opportunity to translate new data sources into informative, actionable insights for both you and your users.