We teach machines
how to think and talk

We’re IoT Innovators With A Proven Track Record Of Devices.

Since the start of USD we’ve been contributing to the IoT and ICT market expansion with technological innovation, development, new concept idea definition and creating end-to-end products and services with our group of multidisciplinary engineers.

From connecting farm equipment with satellite networks to prototyping distributed ECG devices capable of both reading and interpreting cardiac signals, USD has the experience and expertise to make your hardware ideas come to life.

Speech, Awareness And Perception: The Real Smarts Behind The “Thing”

The intelligence we bring to places and things not only makes them smart; it transforms the importance they have in our daily lives. Creating that type of significance begins with crafting devices that are capable of both understanding and responding to real world factors through a myriad of sensors and algorithms.

Through a combination of Microsoft Cognitive Services and customized open source solutions, USD can give your thing the smarts it needs to interact with real live people.

Using Arduinio And Raspberry Pi As A Breadboard For Development

Thankfully the days are gone where we had to work with microcontrollers where you first had to install a whole control software suite with a specific evaluation board where just changing the value of a single output pin need several lines of code in a very obscure software environment.

Today, USD can help you configure Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards with sensors and interpretive algorithms for rapid testing of your ideas before jumping into costly PCB manufacturing and prototyping runs.