Seemlessly blending
reality and tech

Nothing Virtual About It, We Make It Real.

Whether you’re looking to develop a location-based game or training simulation, recreate the past (or demonstrate the future), or simply looking for a new way to communicate your message, we can help bring it to life!

Our worldwide teams bring a depth of experience in digital, mobile and software development, animation, film, and gaming. We offer sophisticated experience design, end-to-end project management, consultancy, copy writing, content production, installation, and on-going tech support.

Tech That Moves From Occulus To Hololens And More

When planning a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality project, it’s tempting to lead with a specific device strategy. From Oculus and HoloLens to Project Tango, the market is flooded with exciting new AR and VR technologies to test.

At USD we focus on multiple device solutions that port to all major device standards. Using the Unity 3D engine and Vuforia, we ensure that your content investment is protected and can be reused in endless scenarios.

A Virtual Product Platform For Everyone

We empower retailers and manufacturers to provide virtual products platformwith next-generation Augmented and Virtual Reality visualization tools. With a fully-featured 3D design studio and showroom, our product visualization platforms gets large-scale to custom products into the hands of prospective customers without the costs, complications and physical limitations of tangible samples.

Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, we construct 3D product visualization, customization and configuration scenes that create an emotional, connected sales experience with users.