Bringing products
from idea to reality

Rapid Prototyping And Expert Design Engineering

Need a functional, durable 3D printed part that you can actually use?

Well, we don’t just print models, but human thoughts, dreams, and everything they stand for. We get excited when opening CAD data for all of its lines, functionality, and potential and we live for the manufacturing challenges that are often hidden inside.

A Full Line Of Robust 3D Printers To Fit Any Industry

We bring together the best 3D printing technologies available today and couple it with extraordinary service and craftsmanship to offer you the ideal manufacturing solutions for your specific application.

With our internal AstroPrint farm of SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX V2s, i3 Prussas and MakerBots – USD can ramp up production to dozens of plates a day to meet any part deadline.

Filaments Galore: Abs, Pla, Ninjaflex And Exotics

We keep a full stock of just about every material you could ever dream of, and some you’ve never even heard of. From metals to plastics and everything in-between, we’ve got all the options.

*abs, *pla, *flex pla *soft pla, *tpe, *pet *stainless steel, *magnetic iron, *wood polymer *laybrick, *gel-lay, *layfomm