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Calculating the Size of Objects in Photos with Computer Vision

by David Nance on July 8, 2019

Table of Contents Overview Setup Windows Linux OSX OpenCV Basics Getting Started Takeaways Overview You might have wondered how it is that your favorite social networking application can recognize you and your friends’ faces when you tag them in a…

Exploring Baseball Data to Predict Run Totals

by David Nance on July 8, 2019

Table of Contents Overview Support Vector Machines (SVM) The Data Setup and Installation Exploring and Modeling the Data Takeaways Overview The object of this tutorial is to give you an idea of what a process might look like when a…

Umbraco 8 – Part 2

by Brandon Osborne on July 1, 2019

More Than Just Content In the last installment, we learned about the basics of Umbraco and what is new in Umbraco 8. Now we are going to delve into coding basic functionality and making our code as modular as possible.…

Umbraco 8 – Part 1

by Brandon Osborne on July 1, 2019

Getting Started Umbraco has changed a lot since I started working with it in version 4 back in 2013. In this series we are going to delve deep into Umbraco from the basics of creating your first site all the…

Why Blockchain Is Too Big To Ignore Or Build A Blockchain With JavaScript – Part 1

by Sardor Nazirov on June 24, 2019

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of JavaScript You might be thinking, why would you even want to build a "Blockchain" system with JavaScript. Isn't it a language to make websites? Well, it is. But it can also be used to explain the…

Tree Data Structure Simplified – Part 1

by Sardor Nazirov on June 18, 2019

Whether we know it or not, trees are everywhere: our computer file systems, HTML DOM, XML/Markup parsers, PDF format, computer chess games, compilers, and others heavily rely on the tree data structure. More practical examples are company hierarchies, family trees,…

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