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Graph Data Structure Demystified

by Sardor Nazirov on December 12, 2019

We use Google search, google maps, and social networks regularly nowadays. One of the things they all have in common is the fact they use a remarkable data structure - graphs under the hood to organize and manipulate data. You…

Umbraco 8: Authentication & Authorization

by Brandon Osborne on August 16, 2019

User Handling, & Security In the last installment, we learned about the different kinds of controllers that Umbraco provides us. Now we will delve into User and Member management, and how to code authentication & authorization into your Umbraco website.…

Using the Camera in React Native

by Jaime Betancourt on August 16, 2019

In the last few articles, we have been working with React Native and have learned how to use some of React Native’s built in component. Most recently, we learned how to navigate between different screens using React Navigation. One thing…

Why Blockchain Is Too Big To Ignore Or Build A Blockchain With JavaScript – Part 2

by Sardor Nazirov on August 12, 2019

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of JavaScript Outline Intro Block class USDevBlockchain Mining Transactions and rewards Transaction signature Intro In the first part of the blog, we have introduced the notion of blockchain and covered the basic concepts. You could dig a…

Feature Detection is Real, and it just Found Flesh – Eating Butterflies

by David Nance on July 30, 2019

What’s All the Fuss About Features? Features are interesting aspects or attributes of a thing. When we read a feature story, it’s what the news room feels will be the most interesting, compelling story that draws in viewers. Similarly, when…

Facebook Might be Spying on Us, but it Makes for Pretty Graphs

by David Nance on July 29, 2019

Graphs, Graph theory, Euler, and Dijkstra As tasks become more defined, the structures of data used to define them increase in complexity. Even the smallest of projects can be broken down into groups of smaller tasks, that represent even smaller…

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