We are all about delivering
what you need.

If you dream it, we can build it

From whiteboard to app store, we’ll build your moonshot.

We love to work with people who challenge what’s possible – entrepreneurs, community leaders, visionaries and executives. We ask a lot of questions, a whole lot; and we listen even more.

We DO NOT build what you initially ask for… we help you redefine and remold your vision into a provenly viable product that’s based on data-driven decisions, human-centered design, and innovative technology. At our core, we love working with Fortune 500s, startups and non-profits in creating amazing digital experiences from conception to deployment. We specialize in Mobile Apps, Web Applications, eCommerce and machine learning and data science applications but have built Augmented RealityIoT and 3D Printing solutions as well.  We are also tremendous advocates for helping to build the next generation of STEM graduates.

Unique Software Development can take you from whiteboard to app store
Unique Software Development has a local presence, and a global reach.

We have a local presence, and a global reach.

From our US headquarters in Dallas, TX to our offices and labs in Los Angeles, Athens, Greece and Karachi, Pakistan – we look to innovatively make this world a better place with each and every product, system, idea, and app we release.

We’re strategists, technologists, designers, and developers who share a passion for collaboration.  We collectively challenge each other to discover elegant solutions and deliver meaningful, substantial and enduring interactive experiences through an understanding of core problems aligned with brand, strategy, and campaign goals. We do this through our design and prototyping process that enables USD to deliver innovative solutions.

What we build scales and delivers beyond your expectations.

Script languages are just like tools, you need the right one for the job and use them the right way.

We are highly skilled technologists across multiple industries that are capable of building any application by helping you to flush out your dreams into a coherent plan of action. Then we deliver it on time and on budget.

We’re strategists, technologists, designers, and developers who share a passion for over delivery.  We collaborate with each client to choose an approach that will help them achieve their goals and supports problems they have today and those that will pop up in the future.  We do this through the intelligent choice of technology such as programming languages, open source libraries, mobile and cloud platforms and infrastructure that allows USD to focus on innovation.

Unique Software Development uses the right language and code libraries for the job.
Unique Software Development uses open source code and is an active contributor to top level Apache projects.

We Love Open-Source And Support Top Level Apache Projects

Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Wikipedia… just about all of the world’s most successful companies have their roots in open source components that are developed by and for the user community.

USD is a proud supporter of several open source projects too and our clients benefit from these collaborative efforts. For our social network, intelligent learning, and robotics builds, USD implements the same open source components and base algorithms that even the largest industry giants utilize. What this means is that you not only benefit from these projects, you have the DNA to prove it.

@ USD our Apache ZooKeeper keeps Giraphs, Ants, Falcons, Jackrabbits and Tomcats all in line and working seamlessly with more advanced projects like Mahout, Hadoop and Spark.

We’re A Microsoft Certified Partner And Proud Of It

The .NET stack is strong, rich and robust, with superb tooling and extensive documentation… and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better codebase to handle complex financial, healthcare and B2B transaction environments.

USD accelerates .NET application development by tapping into our vast library of pre-built assets, reusable frameworks and ready-to-integrate code that we’ve compiled over years of executing .NET projects.

Our delivery model can be scaled and tailored to fit both a full lead role or supportive, ensuring that your initiative is on-time and on-budget.

Unique Software Development is a Microsoft Certified Partner