COVID-19 Response

3D Printed Respirator

COVID-19 Mask Shortage

Due to a shortage of masks for healthcare professionals across the country, we have developed and designed a 3D printed mask. This has been a collaborative effort with several individuals and local entities.

We are encouraging all hobbyist, dentists, schools, universities and anyone with 3D printers to start making these masks and delivering them to your local hospitals!

USD Donation & Distribution

Unique Software Development is ramping up production to provide masks at no costs to local healthcare providers, first responders and others in need.

Please fill out the form below so we can contact you and add your organization into our donation queue.

Request 3D Masks - COVID 19

Given the significant volume of mask requests and the widespread support of our efforts, we’ve launched in partnership with the inventors of the Montana Mask to better manage our initiative to help those in need during the COVID-19 shortages of PPE.  Going forward, we will accept all requests for masks, offers to volunteer, inquiries from makers and media requests at our MakerCause website.